Look Good.
Do Good.

Asher is a collection of women’s clothing built on effortless silhouettes, bold colors and brilliant prints. Asher garments elevate wardrobes and define statement style. You always look good in Asher, and when you buy Asher, you are doing good. Proceeds from each purchase provide a loving home, basic needs, healthcare and educational fees for African children who have been abandoned. Each store that sells Asher is matched with an Asher Baby to pray for and love. Stores have the opportunity to Skype, write, and even meet their Asher Baby throughout the year.

Look Good, Do Good in Asher Collection
Proceeds from each purchase provide for abandoned African children

Our Story

 About Asher Collection - statement fashion for women

Asher was born out of a deep-seeded love for extraordinary style. We recognized the influence a chic outfit has on a woman's attitude and the need for wow pieces with an everyday functionality.

Founded in 2011, our design team set out to create effortless silhouettes in bold prints, in order to bring confidence to women the instant they get dressed. We wanted to make statement style available to women in their everyday lives, dressing them for every occasion, from work lunches and play dates to parties and date nights.

As the brand grew, we were moved to extend our hearts and hands to serve greater purpose with our products. We founded Asher Babies, a partnership that faces the reality of childhood abandonment. Proceeds from the collection provide for orphaned children in Africa. 

Asher Babies

On average, hundreds of babies are abandoned by their mothers each month in African hospitals, clinics, police stations and even outdoors. Often times these babies suffer from illness, disease, birth defects or mental illness, and are in need of immediate medical attention. We are committed to standing in the gap until these children find their forever family through adoption.

As a general rule, the timeline to place older children in a forever family is much longer than that of a newborns. We continue to support these babies through childhood into their older years of adolescence. In addition to abandonment struggles, the fight against cultural norms for Kenyan young ladies is a life-long battle. From a lack of education to domestic violence and rape, African women are vulnerable to a number of overwhelming issues. We walk alongside the child, offering a network of support, encouragement and prayer through sponsorships, empowering girls and speaking life into their everyday.

Every store that carries Asher is matched with an Asher Baby to pray for and to love. Every Asher garment sold helps provide a safe, loving home, healthcare, developmental therapy and educational fees to abandoned children. Every purchase makes a difference in the life of a child! 

Asher Baby Blessing napping Asher babies posing for the camera